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Hello there! I'm Kimberly, author of Eggs Flour Milk. Welcome!

As someone with a voracious love for baked goods, you would think I got my start at a young age, helping my mom in the kitchen. That’s only partly true. I did help mom, reluctantly. Baking wasn’t fun, but eating the cakes, cinnamon rolls, and cookies at the end was always a treat. I didn’t care how it was made as long as I got to savor that brownie. 

Kimberly D Eggs Flour Milk.

After years of box mixes (I still use them) and premade cookie dough, I decided to give baking from scratch another shot after college, with terrible results. Bread was dry, cookies too crunchy, and don’t even get me started on the cakes. It was still a daunting task. I lived in California then, so I had access to every confection I could want, so baking ended up on the back burner.

Cheesecake crust about eggs flour milk

Anyone, at any level, can make their favorite recipes without needing a culinary school education.

Banana bread serving ideas about eggs flour milk.

Fast forward to 2020, when we were at the start of the pandemic and access to pastries was limited, I decided to give baking one more go. This time I did lots of research before baking a new recipe, and I learned what to look for to have a successful outcome.

 I purchased kitchen and baking tools that helped make the whole thing easier. I started to have fun! I challenged myself to try new recipes and to find ways to make them more accessible and sometimes healthier.

 Bonus! I also saved money on this journey. With today’s economy and the rising cost of food, making my favorite bakery treats has saved us money in the long run.

My philosophy is that anyone, at any level, can bake their favorite recipes without needing culinary school education.

That’s what you’ll find here: simple recipes that are easy to follow, tips for baking success every time, and so much more! If I, a former anti-baker, can learn to bake my favorite recipes, and save money in the process, so can you! So pull out your aprons, roll up your sleeves, and let’s bake together!

Quick bread with roasted strawberry icing pour.

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